Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana


Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana

About Our Company

The complex was established in 2000, on the basis of consensus and effort of a group of experienced engineers in the field of manufacturing and supplying steel pipes, and gradually entered the area of production and manufacturing of water and wastewater steel pipelines. In 2015, given the two-decade experience in this area, primary research on production process and establishment of a pipe factory using spiral method was on the agenda. Therefore, after sufficient research, implementation process started in the early 2017 and the first phase of the project, with the capacity of 60000 ton, was put into operation in the second half of 2017. Based on the capability of the complex, the second phase of the project, with the capacity of 120000 ton, started in 2019.



CEO’s Note

It is obvious that industrial and economic development of countries is a major factor for independency and solid position of those countries on regional and international level. Industry and production, as the most significant components of economic development infrastructures, as long as being directed by specialized, creative, and intellectual human capital, may pave the route toward a production-oriented and dynamic economy. By the grace of God, it is two decades that Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana has been purposefully active in manufacturing and supplying steel pipes. Now, we are honorable that our company is reputable to be trustworthy, quality-oriented, innovative and customer-oriented inside the country and overseas. Obviously , it is impossible to maintain the credibility unless we rely on planning, constant effort, responsibility, and creativity. Based on the executive records and organizational mission and perspective to 2035, national and international standards, and Iranian identity, future prospect of the company is sketched. Taking advantage of novel technology, we are well prepared to play a role in the growth and eminency of the industry and economy of Iran and fulfill our responsibility to achieve this goal in the best possible way.

Seyed Mohammad Reza Hashem-al-Hosseini


History of the Company

  • ۲۰۰۰ - Establishment

    "The company first started as a guild unit, Kowsar Pipe and Profile, under the supervision of Isfahan union of Iron and steel. The founding process was based on consensus, endeavor, and solidarity of a number of engineers and experts.

    With support of their technical knowledge and expert, the founders of the company stepped in a path of quick growth and progress; soon after, the company was introduced as one of the major suppliers of water transmission steel equipment in Iran.

  • ۲۰۰۸ - Registration

    In order to organize and expanding the business, Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana was registered with Isfahan Company registration Office (Registration No. 35701).

    During its active course, the company managed to be granted several official representatives from Iranian pipe factories, in addition to offering distinctive quality, customer-oriented services to hundreds of purchasers and employers of small and large, provincial and national projects in public and private sectors.

  • ۲۰۱۵ - Decision making to enter the production field

    Regarding the striking quick growth of the company services to the customers, in 2015, the board of directors decided to establish the steel pipe factory, using the spiral method.  

  • ۲۰۱۶ - Pipe Factory Establishment

    Establishment of the first phase of the factory started in 2016 in a piece of 50000-square-meter land.

    In order to ensure superior quality of the pipes, aligned with the best experts employed, the entire machinery and equipment, made in 2017, were bought from reliable European brands.

  • ۲۰۱۷ - Opening and Operation

    In October, 2017, the 60000 ton per year pilot production was put into operation. Starting the production process, the company changed its name to Navar Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana

  • ۲۰۱۹ - Capacity increase to 120000 ton per year

    Setting up the second line of Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana in November, 2019, diversification of the products of the factory and concurrent production of spiral steel pipes of two different size will be possible.

    In this regard, 8-inch and 16-inch steel pipes will be added to the product basket of the company, so the steel pipe production will range from 8-inch to 12011-inch pipes. The thickness of the pipes will be 4-25 mm to provide the possibility of diversification and brings about high flexibility to satisfy customers.

Mission Statement and Vision Document

Our company is a dynamic business manufacturing company in the field of steel products in Iran. Being active for around two decades, we have been led to constant evolution of our business by applying novel methods. God Satisfaction, commitment to morality and responsibility to the society, has been our fundamental values; in this regard, spreading inter- and intra-organizational inner peace, promoting the company value with the customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders, setting the most effective example for legal earnings, and human advancement are also among our fundamental goals.

Our organizational mission is to establish a holding in Iran and overseas. In this direction, we obtain the capabilities of large organizations and preserve the agility of small organization, to turn to one of the most powerful and superior brands of our type in the Middle East. Protecting creative and innovative human capital, taking advantage of novel, fully-electronic technology, offering unrivaled products and services, and being highly determined to achieve stable development, there is no impossibilities for us

Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana, a steel companion

Board Members

Saadatnia, Mohammad

Board Member/Director of Tenders

Saadatnia, Amin

Board Member/Director of Finance

Hashem-al-Hosseini ,
Seyed Mohammad Reza

Board Chairman/ Factory Manager