Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana

Manufacturing of Spiral Welded Pipes from 8 to 120 inches

Navard Lole Kowsar Sanat Espadana

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Founded in 2000, Navard Loule Kowsar Sanat Espadana, A Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company in Iran is today one of the leading producers of steel welded pipes in the Middle East. With decades of experience, Kowsar Sanat Espadana, Spiral Pipes Manufacturing has become a major supplier to the regional construction, petroleum and water sectors. An enviable reputation has been achieved through commitment to quality control, state-of-the-art technology and the very best in raw materials. From the manufacturing base close to all borders by neighbors' countries, Kowsar Sanat Espadana offers customers competitively-priced spiral (submerged arc-welded (pipes tailored to meet individual needs and exacting international standards. The experience workforce is dedicated to providing the highest quality product and customer service.

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Utilities of Spiral Welded Pipes

Oil & Gas Industry

Given the vast sources of oil and gas in Iran, transmission all over the country and export by steel pipes is a vital need. The pipes produced in steel industry are often produced in accordance with API standards, using material up to X70.

Water and Fluid Transmission

Spiral steel pipes are highly applicable for transmission pipelines and distribution network of water supply projects. These types of steel pipeline are produced under AWWA C200 standard.

Pipe jacking

Steel pipes for pipe jacking, also Steel pipes for piling of columns and foundations in accordance with ASTM A252 standard


Steel pipes are used in industry and construction for steel structures. These types of steel pipes are often produced by construction-grade material. Pressure vessels are manufactured by A516 material.

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