Production History

Spiral pipes were first produced in 1877. So far, manufacturing process of spiral pipes has been developing, so that it is now economically possible to manufacture large-diameter spiral pipes. The pipes are utilized to transmit fluids such as water, gas, and oil, as well as in fundamental industries and structural pipes. To date, many efforts have been made to increase the production of such pipes. This is the most effective method of production increase, by increased welding speed. Through the process of spiral pipe production, the shaped pipe is immediately submerged arc welded, both internally and externally. These high-quality pipes have successfully been used for high-pressure systems


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Utilization of Spiral Steel Pipes

Oil, Gaz, Petrolium Industry

API 5L & IPS-M-PI-190 steel pipes in oil, gas, and petrochemical industry

Water and Fluid Transmission

Spiral steel pipes are highly applicable for transmission pipelines and distribution network of water supply projects. These types of steel pipeline are produced under AWWA C200 standard.

Steel pipes for piling of columns

Steel pipes for piling of columns and foundations in accordance with ASTM A252 standard

construction and industry

Steel pipes are used in industry and construction for steel structures. These types of steel pipes are often produced by construction-grade material. Pressure vessels are manufactured by A516 material