Technical Info of Spiral Steel Pipes

raw material and suppliers

all the entered raw material to the factory are purchased based on vendor lists of the company, and in order to ensure required quality, it is tested and inspected in accordance with following standard instructions

Reference Standards

ASTM A370, A568, A635, A572(2004)
AWS D1.1, A5.1, A5.5, A5.17, A5.23
DIN 756, 760, 1016, 17100 EN 10025

Steel coil

After the coil is inspected by the raw material inspector, and is licensed through clearance list to be used by the quality control unit, production unit is allowed to transfer the coil onto the machinery to be used. Vast majority of the purchased coil is supplied from Mobarakeh Steel Co.However, a part of that, in special circumstances, is supplied from the most reliable European and Asian manufacturers. The entire coil must be certified by the following standards: Chemical composition of steel coil based on EN 10025-2004, Acceptance limits of tensile test based on EN10025-2004, Acceptance limits of impact test based on EN10025-2004.

Welding Material

All welding material including welding powder, welding wire, and manual welding electrode is controlled in accordance with the following standards:

AWS-A5.17, A5.23
DIN EN 32522
DIN 760
ASTM A370, E23
ASTM A370, E8
AWS-A5.1, A5.5

A Steel Companian

Technical Documents

Technical Informations


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